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mix: tigerlily

Title: Tigerlily
Fandom: Fangs & Fins
Subject: Arianna/Lily
Spoilers/Warnings: Jpop, but I think you've gotten used to my insistence on Asian pop music in my mixes, so...
Notes: Inspired by Apink's participation in what is perhaps the most glorious photoshoot ever, hence the cover art. I will work on getting dl links up once my finals are over, because that's the most time consuming aspect of fanmixin' for me, so 8tracks will have to do for now. Enjoy! ♥
01. OUR HELL – Metric
first went wrong is hard to find / we're paralyzed, we apologize / our hell is a good life / last went wrong, where's my prize under the lights / can we call it in? / we'll be on the road / can we stop?

02. HEAVEN – After School
dance dance dance dance / whisper in my ears / a vibe runs throughout my whole body / dance dance dance dance / tell me your secret/ il keep it between us / dance dance dance dance

– Arden Cho
everytime I wake up / it’s you / darling it’s you / everytime I close my eyes / it’s you / baby it’s you / you that I dream of / you that I miss / you that I want to so badly kiss / will you ever look at me the way?

04. TIGERLILY – La Roux
you're gonna love what's running right in front of you / but you won't see it by the light of the sun / come out tigerlily, you're caressing me / i'l take you up, i'll turn you on, i'll take your apathy / i wouldn't lie to you blossom, won't you let it go / i'm gonna give you what you want and don't you know...that you... / i know you better than this / i could be here when you call / i'll make you top of the list / and in the crush of the dark / i'll be your light in the mist / i can see you burning with desire for a kiss
05. WITHOUT YOU – Lana Del Rey
your love is deadly / tell me life is beautiful / they all think I have it all / i'm nothing without you / all my dreams and all the lights mean / nothing without you

06. LET HER GO – Arden Cho
well you only need the light when it's burning low / only miss the sun when it starts to snow / only know you love her when you let her go

07. GRAVITY – Vienna Teng
hey love / that's the name we've long held back / from the core of truth / so don't turn away now / i am turning in revolution / these are the scars that silence carved / on me

08. CLOSER – Tegan & Sara
here comes the heat before we meet a little bit closer / here comes the spark before the dark, come a little closer / i want you close, i want you /i won't treat you like you're typical / i want you close, i want you / i won't treat you like you're typical / here come the dreams of you and me / here come the dreams / here come the dreams of you and me / here come the dreams

09. SHE KEEPS ME WARM – Mary Lambert
she says i smell like safety and home / i named both of her eyes “forever” and “please don’t go” / i could be a morning sunrise all the time, all the time yeah / this could be good, this could be good / and I can’t change, even if i tried / even if i wanted to / and i can’t change, even if i tried / even if i wanted to / my love, my love, my love, my love / she keeps me warm, she keeps me warm

Let's ignore the "boy you're so dope" line in the Lana song because that's potentially the dumbest lyric ever, along with "do you ever feel like a plastic bag"

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