taeyeons: (music | baechu)
JE SUIS LOSER ([personal profile] taeyeons) wrote 2016-04-28 04:03 pm (UTC)

I AM GOING TO GET IT TO WORK ON 8TRACKS!! I promise!! It just may not have one or two of the songs, i think I'll have to take Closer off, *but* Closer is on Tigerlily...so you can just listen to all the Arily mixes at the same time for the full experience!!

Kelly, Tegan & Sara concerts are the best way to meet lady lovin' individuals. They are "cool" now, so straight guys like them too (that's how you know you're "cool"). They will be in Chicago on October 21...QUICKLY (jk only if you want to, I'm just excited because I finally get to see them after trying to get tickets for like seven years).

I think we should start another drabble meme, like we did years and years ago!! We need to...we could do short songfics and give each other prompts!!

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