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kelly! ([personal profile] graceviolet) wrote in [personal profile] taeyeons 2016-04-29 01:14 am (UTC)

YES!! That's fine, I can just listen to "Closer" on biggie. And then when I make my own copy of the mix (I'll find/download the songs onto my computer), I'll add Closer. Or maybe you could add cover of Tegan & Sara songs? Only an idea...because their songs are fab!
Oh & not sure if you can do anything about this, but the Gemini mix won't let me play it on the 8tracks app. I can only play it when I click the link you provided on your dreamwidth post. Is the mix set as private or something?

And I SAW!!! I was going to tweet the notification I got about it through BandsInTown (I guess cause I now listen to Tegan & Sara THAT much on Spotify) to you, but was like, "Would that be weird?" Maybe I'll go. The venue is like 10 minutes from my apartment via the bus. Haha, it could be like when we both saw Lei-Lei. It'll be like we're at the same concert! Are you seeing them in Washington or Vancouver? Aww, i'm SO happy for you! I know them feels; felt the same way when I saw Alexz Johnson a few years back (I had wanted to see her live for like a decade at that point?)

Wait, we did drabbles back in the day? What?! I need evidence of this? (Mainly so I can compare how much better my writing is now. Thank you, art school). YES! I am SO down for this! Maybe it'll inspire ideas for more F&F chapters, etc.

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