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mix: closer (arianna/lily)

Title: Closer
Fandom: Fangs & Fins
Subject: Arianna/Lily
Spoilers/Warnings: Kpop but that's moved from being a "warning" to a "given"
Notes: Alternative titles: "How many Tegan & Sara songs can I put on ONE mix?" or "I really don't want to study" or "I have a fever and my head really hurts and this happened".
For you, [personal profile] graceviolet . I know I put "Closer" on Tigerlily, but fuck it, I'm putting it on here too. 

01. PARTY BAG - I Blame Coco
who mixed up the blood with the red wine tonight / who put the sugar in the salt shaker / and when the nerves kick in it's the punchline / well you're speaking to tongues, but you're having too much fun to unwind

02. CLOSER - Tegan & Sara
all I want to get is a little bit closer / all I want to know is, can you come a little closer? / here comes the breath before we get a little bit closer / here comes the rush before we touch, come a little closer

03. FOLDING CHAIR - Regina Spektor
now I've been sitting on this abandoned beach for years / waiting for the salty water to cover up my ears / maybe one day you will understand / that I want nothing from you / but to sweetly hold your hand / til that day just please don't be so down

04. SECRET - Taeyeon
oh, then there’s you / inside my messy heart / oh it’s you / you made me find the hidden secret / for a long time, deep inside my heart I hid these precious words / i wanna take them out and tell you  

05. I WANNA BE YOURS - Arctic Monkeys
secrets I have held in my heart / are harder to hide than I thought / maybe I just wanna be yours / i wanna be yours, i wanna be yours

06. I WANT TO BELONG TO YOU - Katie Herzig
i wanna belong to you / i pray no one will find you / i’ll stay right where i am / ‘til you come back / don’t let me lose you / before there’s a chance to begin

07. PORCELAIN HEART - Nicola Roberts
you keep spinning me round, round, round / don't want to come down, down, down / love to play along in this harmony / hear them sing our song / you keep making me dance, dance, dance / as good as gold / a traded soul / but I wouldn't change a single thing / my only friend / let's dance again, but / please don't break my porcelain heart 

08. NIGHT MINDS - Missy Higgins  
just lay it all down / put your face into my neck and let it fall out / i know / but I will learn to breathe this ugliness you see / so we can both be there and we can both share the dar / and in our honesty, together we will rise out of our nightminds / and into the light at the end of the fight. 

09. BOYFRIEND - Tegan & Sara
you treat me like your boyfriend / and trust me like a like a very best friend / you kiss me like your boyfriend / you call me up like you want your best friend / you turn me on like you want your boyfriend / but I don't want to be your secret anymore

10. LAZULI - Beach House
in the blue / of this life / where it ends / in the night / when you couldn't see / you would come for me

- Vienna Teng
and I never thought I would find her here / flannel and satin, my four walls transformed / but she's looking at me, straight to center / no room at all for any other thought / who are you, the stranger in the shell of a lover / dark curtains drawn by the passage of time? / oh, words, like rain, how sweet the sound. / "Well anyway," she says, "I'll see you around..."

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8tracks is dumb & still won't let me listen! D: But I will listen to this very shortly. All I wannna do is write the thousand Arily drabbles/ideas that I have...but I have SO much writing/recaps/articles to get caught up on!