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mix: gemini (arianna/lily)

Title: Gemini
Fandom: Fangs & Fins
Subject: Arianna/Lily
Spoilers/Warnings: Kpop
Notes: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY [personal profile] graceviolet !!
01. SHOWSTOPPER - Sarah Blasko
find me, oh, find when this birthright was blackened / when lightning struck and the storm clouds came over

02. CHASING THE MOON - Mary Lambert
chasing the moon when i was on your front porch / all the days felt like chasing the sunrise into the morning / feels like I'm chasing the moon

03. BOATS & BIRDS - Gregory and the Hawk
if you'll be my star / i'll be your sky / you can hide underneath me and come out at night / when I turn jet black / and you show off your light / i live to let you shine / i live to let you shine

04. SHE - Dodie Clark
am i allowed to look at her like that / could it be wrong when she's just so nice to look at / and i'll be okay / admiring from afar / cause even when she's next to me / we could not be more far apart

05. TO LOVE - Brooke Waggoner
Be kind, not cruel Inside there’s a feud / love locked unattended to / and i've waited so long for you /  and i’ve waited so long for you / to love this life

06. HUMAN - Daughter
underneath the skin there's a human / buried deep within there's a human / and despite everything I'm still human / but i think i'm dying here

- Arctic Monkeys
my days end best when this sunset gets itself / behind that little lady sitting on the passenger side / it's much less picturesque without her catching the light / the horizon tries but it's just not as kind on the eyes

08. TAKE ME TO CHURCH - Demi Lovato
the only heaven I'll be sent to / is when I'm alone with you

- Marceline SORRY I HAD TO
well, i'm just your problem / i'm just your problem / it's like i'm not even a person, am i? / i'm just your problem.

- Lauren Aquilina
friends i watched us as we changed / the feelings in my headspace rearranged / i want you more than i've wanted anyone / isn't that dangerous?

- Sara Bareilles
don't breathe, no i never meant to let it get away from me / now, i've too much to hold, everybody has to get their hands on gold / and i want uncharted.

12. GEMINI - Taeyeon
oh remember, we liked / we cried and also laughed / so we can go back to that time in the beginning (you) / we were always together, we became alike / i can’t even imagine fogetting you / we were one, me and you / you you you, yeah, oh yeah

- Daniela Andrade
when you kiss me heaven sighs / and though I close my eyes i see la vie en rose / when you press me to your heart / i'm in a world apart / a world where roses bloom / and when you speak angels sing from above / everyday words seems / to turn into love song

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[personal profile] graceviolet 2015-12-20 04:56 am (UTC)(link)
Here's a sober!Kelly commenting on this fabulous fanmix.
You and your mixes; you always put together the best songs to fit whatever it is your featuring (usually F&F-related I believe). Like legit, you posting this fanmix was like when Beyonce unexpectedly released her secret album.
How did you do this & not spill your guts about it? Especially those icons. The second the holidays are over, I'm going to make this my twitter/tumblr/everything icon!!! :D

Each song that I've listened to just screams 'Arianna/Lily'.
And gasp! Lauren Aquilina is on this?! Did I introduce her to you with her song "Wonder"?, I forget.
Love Mary Lambert, so you got me there. And girl...I'm going to explain my giant freak out I had when i found out "She" was on the mix.

There I was, lying in bed after a night out with favorite roommate (I was fairly drunk) and I checked your twitter message.
I was SO excited that you made this mix. I played it on 8tracks on my phone cause I didn't have my laptop accessible to me. I listened to one song & then skipped it to the next.
It was fucking "She". The second I heard the first lyric, I freaked the fuck out.
My drunk thought process: "No she did not. No she did not put 'She' on this mix! How did she know about this song?! I think I told her about it. That means she remembered! She actually remembered."
Then I cried because the song was in the mix. Like full blown sobbing! I don't even know why. I guess because I was so happy??
But then I started thinking about how this song totally fits Arianna's current POV with Lily & started crying because my little Annie thinks Lily would never love her.
Man, now I know how hard-core shippers feel.

Your present is coming, too...don't worry. I have a couple 'Reign' recaps (or maybe I'll only do one) & a post on 'Shadowhunters' that I have to write up. Then I leave to visit my family Monday night-Christmas Day. Hopefully I can write a lot of it while on the train (the train is from 8pm-3am).

EDIT: Gemini is beautiful! Did Taeyeon produce a solo album/EP?! AHH! My fave!
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[personal profile] graceviolet 2015-12-28 03:50 am (UTC)(link)
I will do whatever I have to to get that on your tombstone. Don't worry. :)
Aww, cute holiday A/L icons would have been adorable...but the ones you made are gorgeous. Especially the A/L one!!! *heart eyes*
And yes, I just search various tumblr tags of [insert perfect human being and/or femslash couple] until I find ones I love. I just had to find Kat ones, with "Shadowhunters" airing soon & all.

Well, regardless, I will treasure this mix always & especially the songs "Fools" & "She". <333333 x infinity.

If Taeyeon hadn't won any awards I would have been severely worried. Our KPop Queen deserves nothing but the best. And THAT MUSIC VIDEO!!! She's blonde!!! Plus, beautiful location & cinematography. How is SNSD doing & everything (now that Jessica's no longer in the group, etc)?